Hydraulic powerpacks KA and KAW

Compact hydraulic power units designed to supply pressure oil for hydraulic circuits with short and intermittent operation (S2 and S3). A special feature of their construction is the immersion arrangement of the generator and electric motor, which makes them more intensively cooled by the surrounding oil and their operating noise is considerably lower. They can be operated both horizontally and vertically, single- and dual-circuit versions with radial piston or gear pump are available. The parameters of the units are fully adapted to the requirements of the customers, the specific design must be consulted.

Max pressure: 70 MPa (radial piston pump)
  20 MPa (teethed pump)
Max flow: 3,4 l/min (radial piston pump)
  11,4 l/min (teethed pump)
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Basic information and parameters can be found in our catalogue: “Hydraulické agregáty HKL