Double-throttle check valves FM

Double-throttle check valves from the Parker Manapak series FM are in sandwich design for easy configuration of stack systems. Throttle and check valves are located in ports A and B. FM2 and FM3 can be used as meter-in or meter-out throttle by changing the mounting position. FM4 can be selected by ordering code as meter-in or meter-out throttle. FM6 is only available as meter-out control. The throttle check valve can also be used to influence the switching time of pilot operated directional valves. In this case, the valve is positioned between the pilot stage (CETOP 03, NG06) and the main stage (CETOP 05, NG10 up to CETOP 10, NG32).

Max. working pressure: 21 MPa
Max. flow: 341 l/min
Opening pressure: 0,03 MPa
Nominal size: NG25 / CETOP08
Regulation method: Swivel castor


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