Medium pressure filters 130ECO

130ECO high flow filters are ideal for industrial applications of hydraulic or lubrication systems where the maximum pressure is up to 3 MPa and the flow rate is 1000 l / min (for one unit). It is possible to create a filtration system consisting of several filters. The maximum working pressure of such a filtration system is 1.6 MPa and the maximum nominal flow is 1400 l / min. It is also possible to create so-called “duplex” design, where it is not necessary to shut down the hydraulic system when replacing the filter element.

Max. flow: 1000 l/min
Max. working pressure: 3 MPa
Fineness of filtration: 3, 5, 10 a 20 μm (fiberglass)
Opening pressure of bypass valve: 0,35 MPa
Assembly: In-line
Connection type: BSPP thread, Flange SAE
Body material: Aluminum
Working medium: Mineral oil, natural oil
  and synthetic oil
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