Modular constant pressure valves CPOM

Pilot operated check valves from the Parker Manapak series CPOM are in sandwich design for easy configuration of stack systems. Depending on the function required, one or two pilot operated check valves are arranged in the ports A and/or B. The free flow direction is always from the valve side to the manifold side.
The check valves open when flowing to the consumer side,
where the opposing check valve is hydraulically-mechanically pilot operated simultaneously by a control spool, and
thus the return flow is enabled from other consumer sides.

  • The valve bodies of the Parker Manapak valve series CPOM are made of steel.
  • The valve poppet is precisely guided into the steel sleeve and ensures a good seal on the seat.
  • When the valve poppet is open, the large cross-section allows high flow rates at low differential pressure.
  • Different control ratios can be chosen with the NG06 and NG10 valves.
  • Pre-opening for CPOM*HT to achieve smooth opening.
Max. working pressure: 35 MPa
Opening pressure: 0,2 MPa
Control ratio: 13:1
Nominal size: NG16 / CETOP07


For a detailed catalog sheet (EN) click on “Catalog_Parker_CPOM“.
For a detailed catalog sheet (SK) click on “Jednosmerné riadené ventily CPOM“.