Throttle valves ZRD

Series ZRD throttle check valves are designed for maximum flow rates. The throttle check function can be located in port A or B as well as in A + B. Meter-in or meter-out functionality can be selected by model code. A low flow / high resolution version in NFPA 03 / NG6 for sensitive shifting time adjustment of pilot operated directional control valves is available on request.

Max. working pressure: 35 MPa
Opening pressure: 0,07 MPa
Max. flow: 80 l/min
Nominal size: NG06 / CETOP03
Regulation method: Hexagon socket screw


For a detailed catalog sheet (EN) click on “Catalog_Parker_ZRD“.
For a detailed catalog sheet (SK) click on “Škrtiace ventily ZRD“.