High Pressure Filters 18/28/38P

Parker Filtration engineered the 18/28/38P series of high pressure filters to satisfy demanding applications in the mobile and industrial markets throughout the world. With metric mounting and optional ISO 6149 ports, this new series is truly a global design. Installed downstream of the pump, this new series with their wide range of high capacity Microglass III elements, offer excellent protection to system components. Standard filters come complete with industry proven spool type bypass valve. For more critical applications such as servo or proportional controls, a no bypass high strength element combination ensures maximum protection. The modular low hysteresis differential pressure indicator fitted to this series is unrivaled in its performance. Tests prove its accuracy and foolproof design to be a major advance in indicator technology.

Max. flow: 700 l/min
Max. working pressure: 41,4 MPa
Fineness of filtration: 2, 5, 10 a 20 μm (fiberglass)
Opening pressure of bypass valve: 0,7 MPa
Assembly: In-line
Connection type: BSPP thread, Flange SAE
Body material: Steel
Lower part material: Steel
Working medium: Mineral oil, natural oil
  and synthetic oil
Other available versions: Without bypass valve
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