High pressure filters HPM

HPM is the high pressure filter up to 42.000.000 Pa (420 bar-6000 Psi); the range is composed by 3 different sizes with nominal flow rates up to 400 l/min., available with threaded or flanged connections. Filter elements are made with the most advanced
materials, as a guarantee for an high filtration efficiency and a long-lasting life. HPM series modular construction allows the customer to choose the most suitable type following his needs.

Max. flow: 360 l/min
Max. working pressure: 42 MPa
Fineness of filtration: 3, 6, 10 a 25 μm (fiberglass)
  10 a 25 μm (paper)
  10 a 20 μm (stainless steel mesh)
Opening pressure of bypass valve: 0,6 MPa
Assembly: In-line
Connection type: BSPP thread, závit NPT, Flange SAE
Body material: Steel
Lower part material: Steel
Working medium: Mineral oil
Other available versions: Without bypass valve
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