Suction filters OMTI

In line SPIN-ON type filters with disposable cartridge elements suitable for application on suction lines or pressure return lines. Filter heads are available with port tappings of 3/4″ to 1.1/2″ BSP, whilst the larger sizeds type OMTI31 – OMTI36 are available with SAE ports. SPIN-ON replace elements can be supplied either standard or with safety feature to stop oil spillage during element replacement. The filter head on both the OMTI and FTT are suitable for either European standard or American standard cartridge elements.

Max. flow: 300 l/min
Max. working pressure: 1,2 MPa
Fineness of filtration: 60 a 125 μm (stainless steel mesh)
Opening pressure of bypass valve: 0,025 MPa
Assembly: In-line (thread or flange)
Connecting thread: BSPP
Body material: Aluminum
Working medium: Mineral oil
Other available versions: Without bypass valve
  SAE Flange
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