Suction filters SF

Suction filters type SF are mounted in the suction branch, their purpose is the basic protection of the hydrogenerator against large particles that could cause damage to the hydrogenerator. Alternatives without or with bypass valve are available. It is possible to order a version with a magnetic rod, which serves as another stage of filtration. In this case, a version with a bypass valve is not possible. The connection to the suction branch is via a BSP thread.

Max. flow: 250 l/min
Fineness of filtration: 60, 90, 125, 250 a 500 μm (nerez. mriežka)
Opening pressure of bypass valve: 0,025 MPa
Assembly: In tank on suction branch (thread)
Connecting thread: BSPP, NPT
Body material: Aluminum
Working medium: Mineral oil
Other available versions: With magnet
  Without bypass valve
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